Green Building Credentials Case Study

Green Building Operations & Maintenance provides owners and operators of existing buildings an entry point into the certification process and is applicable to the following:

  • Building operations, processes, systems upgrades, minor space- use changes, and minor facility alterations or additions

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, awards buildings points for features that aim to minimize emissions, water use, waste and indoor pollutants. A new commercial building needs 40 out of a possible 100 points for certification.

Berkebile calls LEED “the most transformative force in the design and construction industry in my lifetime by a factor of four. For the first time, (designers) are starting to consider how a building affects the life and well-being of the occupants and the vitality of the system in which it operates.”

A relatively young Serviced offices company based in Hong Kong has become one of the latest companies to go green. Jumpstart Offices, is one of the leading hong kong serviced offices providers and Shanghai as well.

One of their newest offices is a great example of Green. A 20,000-gallon cistern collects rainwater from the roof, which is filtered and used in flushing toilets. The system conserved 405,000 gallons in its first 13 months. One hundred and sixty-eight photovoltaic panels produce 21.5 kilowatts of power, or 2.5 percent of the building’s needs. Thanks in large part to a well-planned daylighting system and the careful design of the heating and cooling system, the building is predicted to use less than half of the energy of a comparable office building with similar size.

This is one example that South American buildings need to follow.

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Energy Efficiency versus Demand Response in Hot Water Heaters

The U.S. Department of Energy has proposed new energy conservation standards for residential hot water heaters. That’s right! The good old hot water heater which no one really bothers to take a look in the basement is has been stirring things up in Washington. In the proposal, large water heaters or those that can hold over 55 gallons are now required to have an energy factor of at least 2.057. That is twice the energy factor and thus doubling the efficiency of a highly efficient electric storage heater! However, this proposed new standard is not exactly impossible to meet. In fact, heat pump water heaters have the exact same energy factor and efficiency. The downside of heat pump water heaters though is that even if it is highly efficient, they do poorly when it comes to demand response. That’s because heat pump water heaters do not generate heat directly. Instead, they transfer heat from one place to another like from the room to the water.

Hot water heaters are now powered by natural gas instead of electricity – making it inherently more efficient. Around 60 percent of water heaters nowadays are already powered by natural gas and even gas clothes dryers are being introduced to the U.S. market. According to the Vice President of Regulatory Issues of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), Jay Morrison, “the low and slow is great for efficiency, but it would not be a good tool for demand response.” He further added that in order for hot water heaters to meet the newly proposed efficiency standards, they’ve got to run low and slow. NRECA along with PJM Interconnection, Edison Electric Institute, the American Public Power Association and Steffes Corporation are all for the modification of the newly proposed standard. It is also said that water heaters may not be the only appliances that will be regulated in terms of demand response and efficiency but may also include refrigerators, dishwashers and other relevant items.

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Energy Player NextEra is Going Solar through Smart Energy Capital

NextEra Energy Resources, part of NextEra, has bought out Smart Energy Capital – a leading solar energy provider in the U.S. With over $250 million worth of project capitals deployed in schools, municipalities and utilities, this company has proven its expertise in the field of solar energy. It has made use of roof and ground mount and various solar technologies across numerous states and geographies. Smart Energy Capital has also completed over 75 megawatts of solar PV projects across states.

NextEra, on the other hand, has concentrated on wind and gas energy for the past years. With its 42-gigawatt portfolio, this independent power producer (IPP) has served over twenty provinces and states using wind, natural gas and nuclear power generation. They were also famed as the number one wind energy provider in the U.S. in the year 2012. Though NextEra has not focused on solar energy generation, there have been previous projects for such field. This includes the 5-megawatt Hatch, NM CPV project, the Paradise Project in New Jersey and the SEGS concentrating solar power plant.

The move to acquire Smart Energy Capital was headed by Andrew Beebe, former Chief Commercial Officer at Suntech and now the Vice President of Distributed Generation at NextEra Energy Resources. The buy out was not necessarily for purposes of acquiring Smart Energy Capital’s existing assets but rather, a move to acquire its skilled workers and developers in the field of finance and financial engineering. Connections to Belectric and Real Goods Solar are just added bonuses to the buy out as well as its now fast growing capital assets and corporate heft. The acquisition move is also seen by critics as NextEra Energy Resources’ move to penetrate the field of providing solar energy. Although it is a field not completely disregarded by NextEra Energy Resources, their previous projects concerning solar energy provision have proven to be mediocre at most.

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Even Apple Values Energy Efficiency

Just like any other company, Apple is also looking for ways to be more energy efficient. Indeed, energy saving strategies are not only for small time companies but are also called for in company giants like Apple.

Apple’s Global Energy Manager Mike Petouhoff, has spoken out during SVLG Sustainability Summit regarding the company’s efforts to be more energy efficient. Some of their actions included employing the best energy saving practices, displacing fossil fuels, creating new sources of energy and efforts regarding stress accountability. According to Arik Cohen, principal at kW Engineering, who is also involved in Apple’s efficiency efforts, the company only needs to “quantify and back it up and stand by it.”

Petouhoff also shared some energy saving principles that serves as the core for Apple’s energy saving practices at their headquarters in Cupertino, California and their data center in Maiden, NC. Apple’s headquarters and data center are powered by 10-megawatt fuel cells and 20-megawatt solar panels. Furthermore, he said that the company’s goal was zero net energy – efficiency, Apple’s very own on-site renewable generation and grid-purchased renewable energy.

Apple, through the Apple Energy Team has made new configuration and control strategies in its buildings’ chillers and cooling systems. The result was a reduction in the number of chillers in the buildings – from a twelve chillers down to six and a modification of the chillers’ loop system which now serves three buildings. These efforts have paid off quite well with a total savings cost of $300,000 per year and a 10-year payback on a chiller with a 23-year lifetime. This is after the original vendor of the chiller was found to have overstated savings by 300 percent along with an incorrect load profile. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) were also installed on “both evaporator and condenser pumps and new control sequences enabled variable flow on both sides of the chiller,” said Apple Energy Team.

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Effective Virtual Energy Audit: Speed or Accuracy?

Lately, the buildings sector has been up and about trying to find the most effective virtual energy audit service provider in the market. These “virtual” and “no touch” assessments have been gaining more and more supporters due to its unbelievable speed in providing energy assessment. However, critics have also pointed out that the speed at which these virtual assessments are made available may have compromised the quality or the accuracy of the energy assessment in one way or another. To better understand how models concentrating on speed or accuracy function, a comparison and discussion between two companies who have such differing models is provided.

Autodesk has established a virtual auditor group – Autodesk Sustainability Solutions which is self proclaimed as the fastest energy assessment tool to date. Its auditing platform called rapid energy modeling has the ability to deliver a basic model in a matter of twenty or thirty minutes according to its program manager Aniruddha Deodhar. This software also has the ability to only make use of satellite, digital and aerial images as well as laser points in creating a model. As of now, the monthly number of assessments run has amounted to 6,000 through Green Building Studio. Deodhar further points out that the speed at which virtual assessments are done is quite critical and can even be achieved with scarce resources. “Data is great if you can get it. But it’s not always there. You have to make do with what you already have. You can simply start with whatever you have and do the modeling quickly,” he continued.

On the other hand, FirstFuel is concentrating more on accuracy instead of speed. Within this company, virtual assessments are done using actual energy consumption data as well as weather conditions. The company believes that these two factors can highly determine a building’s energy consumption. Energy auditing at FirstFuel takes a few hours with an average of a few buildings per day but they say they can also match Autodesk’s twenty to thirty minute energy audit.

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Strategic & Financial Planning

Each time a roomful connected with executives is asked, could it be fair to mention that your company is receiving more reasonably competitive? A resounding Indeed! From each echoes throughout response. This happens in spite of industry or service field, the size with the executive’s firm, whether it truly is domestic or global, or even be it from people or individual sector.

All organizations face competition—for means, people, funds, or shoppers. Likewise, most organizations face uncertain conditions, because the two product and technology lifestyle cycles are usually shortening relentlessly. Never has it recently been more very important to businesses and their leaders to position their corporations strategically regarding competing successfully later on. This needs that administrators thoroughly recognize the dynamics in their industries, the trends into their external conditions, and the normal economics in their firms. They also must feel creatively sufficient to build strategies which make their firms unique and inspire their organizations to perform to rising standards. Eventually, they should balance the actual multiple activities with the various functions into their organizations and galvanize these individuals toward one action. To accomplish all these kinds of activities in unison requires in which managers embark on strategic considering and arranged management.

Strategic administration encompasses those activities of senior-level executives into their attempts to influence the entire direction in their corporations. This textbook covers the majority of the approaches in which help management increase in which influence by means of developing profitable business and corporate strategies.

Strategic considering, on another hand, may appear at all amounts of the organization—from company managers to production managers, from income executives to financial wedding planners and analysts. Strategic considering at these kinds of levels will involve understanding the actual role connected with one’s firm available and how one’s individual function plays a role in that part. Just as a guitar person or drummer must know the actual bandleader’s motive with some music so that you can provide masterful support for the whole, every individual in a corporation provides better customer satisfaction, better information to the home business, and make better personnel decisions if he / she has a superb understanding of the two company’s strategy and several basic arranged management guidelines. This textbook provides methods and instruments to aspiring managers who want to add value to their companies by means of making strategically sound decisions, whatever their functions or responsibilities could be.

James Gerrard is a financial advisor / planner based in Sydney.

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How Green Directories Help

Green directories like exist as they provide a service. They provide exposure for those seeking eco friendly goods and services.

Being “Green” is a process that is not achieved over night.  If we work together to consider alternatives to current products that harm our environment, “Green” will
become mainstream.  Our Goal is to help by bringing these alternatives to you in a low cost and Eco-Friendly way.  

Mud bricks for instance – a search on Google yields poor results, however you’ll discover a myriad of information on the mud bricks page of Greenfinder. Hemp clothing on the other hand is well serviced by search engines. Plenty of ecommerce retailers exist. But what if you’re not looking a retail solution, but after a list of wholesalers. Then the hemp clothing page of greenfinder services this need well.

We need more green directories to expose more green companies.

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“Do not work call the company or say what the people want to hear”


Councilman most votes of São Paulo, the “green” Roberto Tripoli explains his pro-environment campaign

Rafael Abrantes 

After winning 132,000 votes in the polls and ensure the seventh consecutive term in the City Council, Roberto Tripoli (PV) starred in the first skirt-fair ‘senior’ of the new municipal government by refusing to call the mayor-elect, Fernando Haddad (PT ), to lead the department and the Green Environment. The area that led to political life, this time, not the seduced. In an interview with BRAZIL ECONOMIC he explains why, and comments on the priorities of the Legislature in 2013.

Why Mr.. refused the invitation of Mayor Fernando Haddad to take over the municipal Green and Environment? 

The issue here is not environmental. After analyzing the party secretary, came to the conclusion that she needed another profile and indicate Ricardo Teixeira (PV). I was elected to the City Council and not to the secretary. I have no attachment over, so let’s hope the Ricardo make a good administration.

And what is this profile? 

The story is long. Are 1500 employees, with many of them installed in a building of three thousand square meters.Face already has to change to another five thousand (square meters). Has the issue of computerization of all processes. There is a lot of paper on top of the table, ten, fifteen years ago. Nowadays informatization you want to have faster access to environmental permits. There are also underpaid employee. How can one give a license to a venture of billions of dollars as the subway and have official who earns $ 3000? Can not anyone in the market to assume responsibility for that this value. Anyway, it is an administrative issue and I’m on the environmental issue. The party made a new option and give myself the right to remain in the House as the most voted city councilman.

Among its projects for 2013, Mr.. Board intends to take some aimed at improving the conditions of the registry? 

That does not fit the Parliament is an initiative of the Executive. It is clear that collaborate in order to pass legislation that improves the situation of the employees. I work for the protection of animals and the mayor Haddad confirmed that we will usher in the beginning of next year another hospital for dogs and cats in the north, and let’s move on to open another in the south. About the kennel and the Center for Zoonosis Control (CCZ), is expected to make a full publicity campaign for the population to adopt animals to empty kennel. The projects are the same in recent decades, ie, we continue to struggle for what we believe, for the protection of animals and we are fine with the mayor. He tends to do a good government.

What will be the position of the PV in the House against the government Haddad? 

I was never any basis for mayor. Looking for work, but never be based. We had a secretary in the government (Joseph) Serra (PSDB) and the party was much opposition to certain proposals even having its secretariat. Now will be the same. We will cooperate with the government. If you must criticize, let’s do it. The PV will not be base, but will help the party that tends to govern Sao Paulo Haddad, especially on environmental issues.

The PV will have representation on the Steering Committee of the Board and its committees? 

I believe so. The PV is not attached to posts, but inside of proportionality, which is the proposal of the PT, the Green Party would be entitled to the 2nd Secretary of the Board. The PV also claims the presidency of a strong standing committee, which is now being negotiated by the bench.

About the opposition PSDB must be isolated in the next Legislature? 

I believe will PSDB on one side and the other PT. But you can have a block PSB-PV-PSD, with fifteen councilors, in the near term. The question is dynamic. But it tends to be a consensus that the 1st of January there will be surprises (in plenary).

The sr. Haddad states that already have a large majority in the House, avoiding difficulties in the approval of projects? 

The former mayor José Serra (PSDB) had no majority in the House and approved all projects that benefited the population. The Kassab secured a majority, but when it came to important projects he approved including opposition vote. Haddad would not say that you are worried about making a support base. He is opening spaces, even if the speeches, to discuss with all parties, including the opposition. Let’s wait for it to happen.

What are the priorities for the Legislature this year? 

Has the Master Plan, which should be a matter for society to revisit what we want for the next twenty years, also proposed the Arc Future (campaign promise Haddad). I think the House will discuss many urban issues, zoning and architecture in the first half. Anyway, Haddad put their proposals in the Legislature.

And what will be his first project in 2013? 

Not for lack of laws that the city is degraded. I’m not getting manufacturing parliamentary laws, despite having made the law of Shh, the Clean City, the Animal Welfare … are few laws, but in fact are working. Let’s expand the hospitals of dogs and cats in the city, a great novelty. It’s the day-to-day, I hope to match that got votes.

The sr. imagined winning over 130,000 votes in the last election? 

He had not expected this, but I was always very well rated. Our theme is the same for all campaigns, speeches and the same entities that support us. This shows the impact of our work in the House.

The proposal of Mr.. defense of ecology, fauna and flora, tends to gain more appeal to voters of a city like São Paulo? 

I do not work with the appeal of society. I come from the ecological movement of the 70s, I had several moments of environmental protection. I have no new proposals. We want to ensure that already exists, extend, continue the debate on protection of fauna. Not that I did have such a campaign to vote, campaign I do every day. I’m not doing it to say what people want to hear. Not only do the project, as I give support on the issue of the budget and also the update.

In Macae city sewage station turn off in recreation area

A Sewage Treatment Station (ETE) disabled in Macae, North Fluminense, should turn into a leisure area. The site is located in Airport Park neighborhood for 10 years and is not working.

Sewage Treatment Plant is off a decade ago (Photo: Flávio Sardou / Disclosure)

On the morning of Tuesday (8), a team of managers and technicians visited the site for a diagnosis of space and drainage of accumulated water in the tanks of the station, which could be causing accumulation of mosquitoes.

According to the City of Macae, the proposal is to demolish the existing structure and then, develop the site. “As has been abandoned for some time, we urbanize the area to prevent illegal occupation and turn it into a recreational area for the residents of the neighborhood,” said Mayor Dr. Aluízio.

The mayor visited the ETE Macae Airport accompanied by the chairman of the Public Company Municipal Sanitation (ESANE), Mark Muffareg, and technicians of the company Foz de Macae, concessionary responsible for sanitation in the city. According to City Hall, even in January the other stations sewage treatment will also receive the visit of the team to review the status and functioning.

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Con la presencia de la representante del Partido Verde de Bolivia, Margot Soria Saravia, la Federación de Partidos Verdes de las Américas, reunida en Asamblea General, acordó por unanimidad otorgar a los Verdes de Bolivia la calidad de observadores como parte del proceso para que próximamente el Partido Verde de Bolivia sea miembro de pleno de la FPVA. 

EL PARTIDO VERDE DE BOLIVIA – Instrumento de la Ecología Política se identifica con el cambio y la Nueva Constitución Política del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia la que abre  nuevos escenarios para la construcción del país, mostrándonos la necesidad de profundizar una verdadera democracia participativa..


En los años setenta, nace el movimiento ecologista buscando un nuevo estilo de vida y alternativas globales a la sociedad industrial y consumista, nace junto a los Amigos de la Tierra (1971) o Greenpeace (1973), vislumbrando la opción verde en el espacio político europeo, con una postura crítica frente al sistema electoral y una apuesta radical por la democracia participativa heredada de la contracultura de 1968

En 1974, René Dumont, ingeniero agrónomo, considerado como el padre de la Ecología política en Francia, se presenta a las elecciones presidenciales francesas. En 1979 con el eslogan EL FURTURO ES VERDE se crea el Partido Verde Alemán, siendo uno de losprincipales motores del ecologismo político en Europa. En 1983 Petra Kelly funda el Partido Verde Español y se firma el MANIFIESTO DE TENERIFE, donde se expone que no se puede seguir confiando en los partidos existentes para conseguir los objetivos sociales yambientales.

Canberra (Australia) 2001, fue sede del 1º Congreso Mundial de los Verdes, donde se firma la CARTA VERDE DE LA TIERRA. El 2004,los Partidos Verdes Europeos son la primera fuerza política mundial en presentar un programa único para las elecciones del parlamento Europeo. En mayo de 2008, en Sao Paulo (Brasil) se realiza el 2º Congreso Mundial de los Verdes, donde estuvo presente la delegación del Partido Verde de Bolivia, que viene trabajando políticamente desde la llegada de Alain Lipietz a Bolivia el 2004.

El año 2005, en un esfuerzo colectivo del grupo ARI, NIN y SAN PABLO, se intentó constituir una opción política verde en Bolivia, desde entonces se trabajó consecuentemente hasta culminar en la Fundación del PARTIDO VERDE DE BOLIVIA el 09 de agosto del 2007.

En agosto de 2008 , con la presencia de Marco Antonio Mroz (Co – presidente de la Federación de partidos Verdes de las Américas) y Manuel Baquedano (Presidente del Instituto Chileno de Ecología Política), se vislumbra el PARTIDO VERDE DE BOLIVIA como unaopción política fortalecida

Hoy somos una realidad en el país, la alternativa y esperanza más real para reconducir el proceso de cambio y construir una Bolivia Verde.

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Gabeira – We and Venezuela

Brazil’s position on the ownership of Chavez in Venezuela was made after a trip to Cuba Marco Aurelio Garcia.

Without hesitation, Garcia joined the Chavez and Cuban in the decision to disregard the inauguration day, January 10.

The Bolivarian consider possession just a formality. And Garcia, in turn, allows the temporary absence of the President-elect, even before taking office.

The rule is clear, as the television commentator Arnaldo Cesar Coelho. The president-elect must take possession on 10.

Two things worth noting. Is not well explained the importance of postponing possession, because it seems not return to Chavez government.

Cabello preside, there would be elections and possibly win Nicolás Maduro. There should be internal contradictions to own chavismo, possession for pushing ahead despite the law. Maduro did not trust Cabello who does not trust Maduro.

Moreover, they also call attention to hurry and loneliness that Marco Aurelio Garcia defines the Brazilian position.Apparently she conceived in Cuba and it also appears that these questions Havana is the capital of the continent.

The Venezuelan newspapers interpretation Brazilian stamp today and it seems that was the only country so far that has really taken over the position held by Chavez.

No reference. No further hearings in parliament. Foreign policy varies according to the ideological tendency of the PT: Paraguay was hit; Venezuela is only an extension perfectly legal ownership of Chavez.

It is the way of loss of credibility. Maquia up everything from the budget to the Venezuelan constitution.

Last week, Rousseff said it was ridiculous to talk of rationing. Now, convene an emergency meeting to discuss the issue and avoid the worst.

Contempt for consistency is very common in authoritarian governments. Or consider that the government in support of the poorer a passport to any policy.

We are popular, so are omnipotent-seem to think the PT. And besides, who cares about foreign policy, besides the media and elite reactionary coup?

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Large Field Bernal ensures that PV have room administration

With four positions vacant 1st step in his administration, Mayor of Campo Grande, Alcides Bernal (PP), said the Green Party will have room in their management. “The PV will be covered for sure,” the progressive during the launch of the Health in Action, this morning (5).

Former councilman and candidate for mayor of Capital defeated in the last election, Marcelo Bluma (PV), is among the names listed to take the Department of Environment, however the information has not yet been made official.

The acronym offered support to Bernal during the second round of elections last year. The mayor pledged to reveal the rest of the names of future secretaries next week.

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